Colorado Volleyball Officials Association

Voting results for CVOA state and regional officers:

State Treasurer – Alice Noll

Training and Development Director – Monica Hinds (1 year to get back on cycle)

Area 1 – Tom Olnowich, Patti Hayes
Area 2 – Ray Lameiro
Area 3 – Annie Shalla
Area 5 – Tony Clark
Area 7 – Pam Gilroy
Area 9 – Dawn & Brian Loch
Area 11 – Shannon Gerber
Area 13 – Jeff Ingram
Area 15 – Tory Bertolino
Area 17 - Ava Bair
Area 19 – Kim Bodemann
Area 21 – Don Pemberton

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Hello Family and Friends,

Last night, I officiated volleyball for the 5280 High School League and ended up doing my 21,000 set/game in 23 years.

This special plateau was done as the 1st Ref, 2nd Ref and Line Judge for both girls/boys and women/men at a variety of levels, including International, College, Special Olympics, Junior Olympics, CARA, USA National, Colorado Seniors, National Federation High School, numerous City, School, Church, and Business Adult Leagues.

I've been a player, coach, scorekeeper, clinician, trainer, evaluator, rules interpreter, board member (Boys H/S for 20 yrs.), rated/ mentored/recruited many officials.

Dealing with a variety of different rules, hand signals and protocol for so many different levels has been extremely challenging. I've always tried to use good judgement and be very professional, punctual, prepared and positive, while creating a safe environment and two way communications. I take pride in what I do and I try to be consistent and make adjustments when needed, based on the skill level of the players.

Over the years, I've experienced many rule changes, met so many people, including players and coaches from Brazil, Canada, China, India, Netherlands and Japan. Traveled to many different States to do tournaments and many times took vacation trips to the surrounding States. As a result I've been to every State except Alaska.

Just like the many circles that are created when you throw a stone into a lake, I hope that I have created a 'ripple effect' on many lives and they in turn have recruited others to get involved in the great sport of volleyball.

Just like the 'Energizer Bunny', I keep going, going, going, going, going, going ...............


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