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Hello and welcome to our 2016 volleyball season,

If you haven't thought about the upcoming season yet, there is no better place to start than with the 2016-2017 Rules Book and Case Book found in this envelope! If you have any questions or need clarification on rules contact Bruce Bird, Rules Interpreter.

Sportsmanship cards are also included in this envelope. CVOA joins CHSAA in an effort to promote good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship cards are to be filled out and given to coaches before each match.

The Executive Committee is hard at work preparing for the upcoming season. In a few short months we have reviewed the Constitution and Bylaws and started updates to our CVOA website which can be found at Regional Clinic dates and locations are in place and clinicians have selected training topics and are well on their way with preparations for this year's clinic.

In April, I asked Area Directors to meet with Assignors to determine the number of officials needed in their area to cover matches. I then asked them to report that number back to me along with the current membership numbers for their area and their plan for recruiting members to meet that requirement. Last year recruiting was one of our top priorities and the need to recruit is just as important this year. CVOA membership had a slight increase last year from 538 in 2014 - 2015 to 566 in 2015 - 2016. CVOA needs to recruit an additional 100 officials this year to cover upcoming matches. I'm asking each of our members to help us with this recruiting effort. CVOA will once again have a recruiting contest. Your name will be entered into the contest for every recruit you sign with CVOA. Area Directors will report your name and the name of your recruit once the recruit has passed their test and is ready to start officiating. Winners will have their choice of a CHSAA pass to get into all high school events including State Tournaments or having their CVOA Membership Fees paid for the year.

As you prepare for this season I ask you to do so with a positive attitude. Many of us played sports growing up or have had the opportunity to cheer on our kids and grandkids. In many cases it is clear which players on the team are natural born athletes, which players are leaders, which players are the glue that hold the team together with their positive/can do attitude. As members of CVOA we work together to build a winning team. Which player are you and which player do you want to be? Are you a leader? Are you a team player? Are you the glue that holds the team together? Are you the mentor who not only works to perfect your own game but offers to work with others to help them succeed? Each of us have something positive to contribute to CVOA, please make a commitment right now to being a positive influence, a positive example, a positive role model and a positive contributor. I guarantee it will make a big difference for you, your fellow members and most importantly, for the very people we are here for ... the players.

Thank you for your continued dedication and thank you for this opportunity to serve you as President of CVOA.

Have a great season,

Linda Friesen, President
Colorado Volleyball Officials Association

2016 Colorado Volleyball Regional Clinics


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