Area 2 - Fort Collins/Loveland/Windsor


Area Directors

Georgie Lameiro

(970) 690-2541

 Emil Ewing

(970) 690-5164


Our area officiates:

All Larimer County high schools and assists with high schools in Jackson, Boulder, Adams, Morgan and Weld Counties


 Bruce Bird

(970) 214-1798

Accept/Decline procedures

1)     Accept all games by the “accept to date”

2)      Any matches not accepted by the "accept to date" may be reassigned.

3)      Before you decline a date, please ask yourself one of two questions:

  1. Is this a date I cannot work at all? – then YES “decline”
  2. Is this a date I can work but due to travel or other restrictions cannot make the venue assignment given to me? – then NO “do not decline”. Instead contact Bruce Bird to be moved to a different location.

Important Dates 2020

New Officials Training

Online via Zoom or TBD, or as Noted
(Contact Area Directors for Information)

Thursday July 23
(Rules 1-4)
Tuesday July 28th
(Rule 5)
Thursday July 30th
(Rules 6-8)
Tuesday August 4th
(Rule 9)
Thursday August 6th
(Rules 10-12)
Tuesday August 18th
(Rules 1-12 and Quiz)

Time: 6:30pm


New Officials Testing

Date: Saturday August 22nd

Time: 8:00am

Location: TBD

New Officials Mechanics Class

Date: Saturday August 22nd

Time: 8:00am

Location: TBD


Annual Regional Clinic

Click Here

Must complete all 4 modules no later than
Wednesday August 19th 


Certified Officials Testing

Available online and must be
completed by Wednesday August 19th


Provisional Officials Testing

Date: Tuesday August 18th

Time: 6:30pm

Location: TBD

(You will be notified by email)


Study Sessions

Tuesday August 11th
(Court Session: Vets working with New Officials)
(Pre-Match, Court Protocol, Signals, Line Judging)

Thursday August 13th
(Court Session: Vets working with New Officials)
(Lineup cards, Alignments, Libero action, Subs, TO)

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Twin Silo Park (FC)

Saturday August 24th
(Mechanics Scrimmage)

Time: TBD

Location: TBD


Wednesday September 9th
Monday September 14th
Monday September 21st
Monday September 28th

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: TBD


For alternative study session options in the northern area click on the city name Greeley or Longmont

Local Area News

As we begin to prepare for the 2020 volleyball draw, here are a few important date reminders.

1) Pay volleyball dues by May 1, 2020

2) Update an availability calendar by May 1, 2020 by logging into account 105006

3) Draw scenarios will be run between June 1 & August 1, 2020 and  then reviewed prior to publishing

4) Draw assignments will be published by August 8, 2020

5) Accept all published draw assignments by August 15, 2020 


Season end party - December 5, 2019 @ CB & Potts - 195 East Foothills Parkway Fort Collins, CO. 80526


Congratulations to the following officials on being selected to work the 2019 CHSAA State Volleyball tournament on November 14, 15 & 16, 2019.


Ray Lameiro

Georgie Lameiro

Whitney Bass

Bryan Ford

Bill Ernest

Mickey Chambers

Jake Raynolds

Michael Garcia

Sue Paustian