Area 21 - Boulder/Longmont/North Denver

Area Director

Aaron Punke

(414) 305-5026

Our area officiates:

All Boulder County high schools and assists with high schools in Denver, Larimer, Adams, Morgan and Weld Counties.


 Bruce Bird

(970) 214-1798

Accept/Decline procedures

1)     Accept all games by the “accept to date”

2)      Any matches not accepted by the "accept to date" may be reassigned.

3)      Before you decline a date, please ask yourself one of two questions:

  1. Is this a date I cannot work at all? – then YES “decline”
  2. Is this a date I can work but due to travel or other restrictions cannot make the venue assignment given to me? – then NO “do not decline”. Instead contact Bruce Bird to be moved to a different location.

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