Area 4 - Pueblo

Area Director

Kathy Cox

(719) 671-6366

Our area officiates Pueblo and following counties: 

All of the Pueblo City and Pueblo County schools including: Rye, Westcliffe (Custer County), Florence, John Mall (Walsenburg), LaVeta and all of the Trinidad area (Trinidad, Hoehne, Primero and Aguilar and assist with Canon City, Fowler and LaJunta


 Kathy Cox

(719) 671-6366


How to get paid as an official:

We recommend all officials sign a pay voucher at every site and retain a copy for their records. Also keep a record of who they have been paid by, mileage reimbursement, etc.

 Weastcliffe, Florence, John Mall, LaVeta, Hoehne, Primero, Aguilar, Canon City, Fowler and LaJunta all pay by check at the time of the match or via the mail shortly after the match date.

 Pueblo City Schools (D60) pays by check bi-weekly

Pueblo County Schools & Trinidad use ArbiterPay

Login to to create your ArbiterPay account and link it to your Arbiter assigning account for schools that pay directly through the assigning system.

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See everyone next year!!


Congratulations to the following officials on being selected to work the 2018 CHSAA State Volleyball tournament on November 8, 9, 10, 2018.

Corry Higbee

Kathy Cox

Mary Davis