Director of Training and Development's Corner

Monica Hinds

(719) 588-0664

Duties of the Training and Development Director

Organize and oversee Regional Rules Clinics in coordination with the Executive Committee and will be responsible to

   Recruit, train and supervise clinicians

Plan and organize materials to present at the Annual Business Meeting

Coordinate with the Executive Committee to determine and publicize dates and locations of Regional Clinics

Submit an annual report to the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting

Recruit the services of additional help as needed to meet responsibilities of the office

Provide and coordinate the distribution of educational materials to the Executive Board and the membership

Any kind of training can be difficult when there is a such a diverse group of individuals such as with CVOA.  A key to training our officials is finding that balance of providing information to those that are just beginning their experience and those that have had many years of experience with CVOA, and making sure that everyone finds some kind of benefit from the training provided.  As an experienced CVOA member myself, I find that some information has seemed repetitive over the years, but I have also been able to learn new techniques that have made me a stronger official.