President's Corner

Bruce Bird

(970) 214-1798

Duties of the President 

Preside over and schedule as necessary, all meetings of the Executive Board and Executive Committee

Appoint and supervise the activities of committees

Share with the Executive Committee the nature of any CVOA correspondence

Manage any other activity deemed to be necessary and in the best interest of the association 

Conduct an investigation of any complaints directed towards a CVOA official and submits recommendations to the Executive Committee 

CVOA members,

Welcome to 2018!!!

We have an exciting year planned.

First, I would like to thank Linda Friesen for her years serving as President.  Her strong leadership and ability to always listen to her members, inspires and humbles me as I try to fill the huge shoes she left behind.

When envisioning our upcoming season, I challenge each of you to invest in your own success, as we each think what this coming year looks like as a CVOA volleyball official.

We are “CVOA” and succeed as a whole, not as individuals. 

Therefore, I strongly encourage every member to become more involved at the local or state level. You do not have to be an area director to give back. 

Having said that I would like to announce that we will be forming committees this year to assist with our local areas and state needs.  Any CVOA member may be part of these committees by visiting our website at and submitting an application to be considered for a committee.

Committees, as well as all members are empowered and challenged to drive change that will add to the overall success of CVOA.

The diversity within CVOA is what will bring us success. One of my peers, whom I respect once said, “Treating everyone the same is unfair, but treating them differently is being fair.”

Remember, every member is unique, and thus has something special to offer and share.

When you compile all these factors and attributes, these are the things that directly drive our continuous improvement.

I look forward to serving you this coming year.


Bruce Bird

CVOA President

We are “CVOA”!!!