Secretary/Treasurer's Corner

Alice Noll

(970) 515-8118

Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer 

Disburse all monies under direction of the Executive Committee

Keep a record of all meetings of the Executive Board and Executive Committee

Make financial reports to the Executive Committee at their meetings and present an annual financial report to the Executive Board at the Annual Business meeting

Prepare an annual budget for the calendar year beginning the following January 1.  This budget will be approved by the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting

Assist the Vice-President with the Coordination of the election of board members, including the preparation of an electronic ballot

Coordinate presentation and tracking of service awards to the CVOA members

Ensure adequate supplies of red/yellow cards, flipping coins, envelopes, and letterhead stationery are on hand

Utilize the services of additional help as needed to meet the responsibilities of the office

Order, maintain and distribute Service pins, State awards and any special award as determined by the Executive Committee

Welcome to the Secretary/Treasurer’s Corner. 

My name is Alice Noll and I am the current CVOA Secretary/Treasurer.

As Treasurer I manage the CVOA finances. You’ll find the 2017 budget and the 2018 Proposed budget here on the CVOA website.  These were presented at the CVOA Annual Business Meeting in July 2017.

Work closely with Monica Tillman at CHSAA

Part of my duties as Secretary are to maintain a spreadsheet on CVOA members around the state.  The spreadsheet is a master list of each person’s test scores, attendance at Regional Clinics and study sessions.  This information is, in part, to provide information to committees regarding post season eligibility.

It is my privilege to serve as your CVOA Secretary/Treasurer.

Alice Noll

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