Vice-President's Corner

Brenda Larsen

(719) 588-8730

Duties of the Vice President

Direct the posting of news and updates on the CVOA website

Review, update, and interpret the CVOA Constitution and By-laws

Coordinate the election of board members, including the preparation of an electronic ballot

Coordinate new officials recruiting efforts

Collect Hall of Fame nominations and submit all nominees to the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting

Act in the capacity of the President in the absence of the President

Whew! I have been in office for 1 year and have learned so much about CVOA. It has been awesome. New to CVOA last year has been creating committees to help make CVOA better and receive multiple ideas and thoughts.  This is great to see our members more involved and invested to make CVOA the best ever. I look forward to another year. Volleyball is the BEST!