NFHS Shirt Adoption Committee

This committee is chaired by the CVOA Director of Training and Development.


Committee Members

Region 1 - Rob Livingston (chair)

Region 2 - Deb County

Region 3 - Ava Bair

Region 4 - Denise Close

Region 5 - Mindy Finley

  • Goal 
    • Create wording for the CVOA Membership Manual to adopt the new shirt colors (Cyan, Grey) 
      • Some guidelines for the wording should include but not limited to the following: 
        • Embroidered patch or removable patch using a magnet 
        • With or without trim color options 
        • Incorporate USAV/NCAA current shirts as well as a new high school only shirt (this is where we can differ on the trim, same as player uniforms) 
    • Research multiple vendor options and reach out to those vendors seeing their interest in approval on our approved vendor list 
      • Keep expense under $50 to purchase new optional shirts. This is where we need multiple vendor options. High school only officials should never be forced to purchase USAV/NCAA shirts just to participate in this new shirt adoption. We are a high school organization, and we need to keep that focus. 
    • Other guidelines will be discussed once the committee is formed such as but not limited to: 
      • R1 & R2 must match 
      • Line judges must match but not necessarily matching the R1 & R2 
      • Members are not required to purchase the new colors of Cyan or Grey 
      • All members must have a white shirt as the base default for all games 
      • Only white shirts will be used during post season 

The recommendation of the Shirt Adoption Committee was approved
by the Executive Board on January 3, 2022.