Post Season

The midseason test is now live and available Sunday, September 22, 2019, to all postseason eligible officials and it will close on October 6, 2019. Please login to Arbiter account 103372, select "Central Hub">"testing">"2019 CVOA mid-season test" to start.


Each official will be given three attempts to pass the test with an 80% or better. There are 25 questions meaning you may miss 5 questions. The 25 questions will be taken from a pool of 75 questions.


The study guide for the test may be found by clicking here


Congratulations to these twenty CVOA officials selected to work a state final match at the 2019 CHSAA State Volleyball Tournament.


5A State Final

 Jim Vitro

Bryan Ford

Brenda Larsen

Bill Ernest


4A State Final

 Larry Ruane

Denise Greene

Kara Weathers

Terry Porter


3A State Final

Whitney Bass

Shannon Southall

Alice Noll

Chris Atencio 


2A State Final

Corry Higbee

Sammie Trotter-George

Nancy Holm

Marilyn Anderson


1A State Final

 Christy Atwood

Jeanne Sategna

Richard Hurd

Yvette Wise

Congratulations to the following sixty (60) CVOA officials for being selected to work the 2019 CHSAA State tournament on November 14, 15, 16, 2019.


Marilyn Anderson - Chris Atencio

Christy Atwood - Ava Bair

Whitney Bass - Paul Bury

Mikey Chambers - Steven Churik

Deb County - Alicia Crist

Kathy Cox - Mary Davis

Betsy Davison - William Desonier

Denise Elkin - Bill Ernest

Mindy Finley - Bryan Ford

Michael Garcia - Caryn Gibson

Pam Gilroy - Alma Grandpre

Denise Greene - Donna Haggard

Jim Henthorn - Corry Higbee

Nancy Holm - Richard Hurd

Jeff Ingram - Becky Johnson

Deb Knudsen - Georgie Lameiro

Ray Lameiro - Brenda Larsen

Marty Larson - Tony Lim

Dawn Loch - Mike Luttman

Alice Noll - Sue Paustian

Doug Pfau - Terry Porter

Aaron Punke - Jake Raynolds

Larry Ruane - Lindy Rucker

Jeanne Sategna - David Sauter

Shannon Southall - Jozy Stegman

Donna Sunahara - Greg Swiatkowski

Sammie George - Jim Vitro

Susan Watson - Kara Weathers

Jessica Weimer - Yvette Wise

Elaine Wright - Shawn Yasutake 

A special Thank You to all the support staff, without them, the state tournament would not be the success it is today!!

They take care of everything behind the scenes such as: sport court set up, table personnel, hospitality/referee break room, referee support and so forth. The list is long on what they do behind the scenes to make this a successful tournament each year.

If you want to be part of this great event, contact us next year on how you can be part of our support staff.

Court Liaisons & Runners

Tom Olnowhich – Court Liaison & Runner Coordinator

Shannon Gerber – New Official’s Liaison

Kami Oliver – Observation Coordinator

George Barrows - Vince Bravdica

Mark Burns - George Carpenter

Jerry Cormellas - Rick Dubois

Becky Fischer - Brian Fisher

Monica Hinds - Bill Kelly

Rob Livingston - Jim Marcelo

Bob Mimmack - Gary Schritter

Annie Shalla - Amy Sidener

Laurie Steenrod - Dan Tomkinson

Lana Zimdars

Scorer Table Personnel

Kirk Rowland - Scorer Table Coordinator

 George Barrows - Ashley Bryant

Jamie Butler - Roland Cook

Charleen Cordo - Joe Cordo

 Sandy Decrow - Maggie Eskew

 Darrel Francescato - Trudy Fritzler

 Lisa Griffin - Robert Griffin

 Gwen Grimes - Malcolm Grimes

 Don Hegi - Chloe Heimlicher

 Laura Heimlicher - Katie Hill

 Nate Hill - Bailee Jackson

 Becky Javinar - Craig Jordan

 Pam Kochis - Jean Kreutzer

 Kevin Marquis - Michelle Major

 Heather McLawrence - Emily Pederson

 Bill Peer - Judy Peer

 Christina Phillips - Deanna Pinder

 Bill Quinn - Ruth Rutherford

 Katie Sickles - Kimberly Swet

 Keo Thampson - Kerry Wagner

 Marvin Williams - Rose Williams


Betsy Davison - Coordinator

Celeste Jackson 

MISC Support Staff

Jake Raynolds

Englewood HS volleyball team

Tad Deutsch