Executive Committee
(Elected 2022)


Bruce Bird

(970) 214-1798



Secretary - Treasurer

Deb County

(970) 466-0060




Bruce Bird

(970) 214-1798



Tom Olnowich

(303) 748-8341



Director of Training and Development

Rob Livingston

(303) 884-6898




 Section 1 - Membership

1)     The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers of the CVOA.


Section 2 - Quorum

1)     A quorum shall consist of three (3) officers.


Section 3 - Duties

1)     The Executive Committee shall:

a.Perform individual duties and work together to administer business pertinent to the CVOA;

  1. Schedule meetings of the Executive Board, including the Annual Business Meeting;
  2. Provide for training of officials, including scheduling dates and locations of the Regional Rules Clinics;
  3. Approve the appointments made by the President;

2)     Review charges of unethical and unprofessional conduct of members, then determine and administer appropriate disciplinary action;

3)     Designate membership areas based upon need and availability of officials, monitor those divisions, and adjust them, if needed;

4)     Make recommendations to the Executive Board concerning policies, rules, finances, Hall of Fame nominations, and other actions needed;

5)     Recruit and nominate candidates for new officers and direct the preparation of the annual ballot;

6)     Meet to prepare and distribute the ballot, to plan the Annual Business Meeting, and at any other time necessary to perform required duties.


 Section 1 - Titles

1)     The officers of the CVOA shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Training and Development Director.  The President-Elect will serve in even-numbered years only.


Section 2 - Terms of Office

1)     All officers shall serve a two (2) year term, except for the President-Elect, which shall be a one-year term. The President and Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected in even numbered years. The Vice-President, Training and Development Director, and the President-Elect shall be elected in odd numbered years. A member desiring to run for President and President Elect shall have previously served on the Executive Board. The election shall be by electronic ballot.  A candidate shall be elected by a plurality of the votes returned.  In the case of a tie, the Executive Committee shall break the tie. Candidates may only run for one office and may only hold one office at a time.  The newly elected officers shall assume office by January 15th following their election. 

Section 3 - Duties of the Officers

1)     The President shall:

    a. Preside over and schedule as necessary, all meetings of the Executive Board and Executive Committee;

    b. Appoint and supervise the activities of committees;

    c. Share with the Executive Committee the nature of any CVOA correspondence

    d. Manage any other activity deemed to be necessary and in the best interest of the association;

    e. Conduct an investigation of any complaints directed towards a CVOA official and submits recommendations to the Executive Committee.

3)     The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

    a. Disburse all monies under direction of the Executive Committee;

    b. Keep a record of all meetings of the Executive Board and Executive Committee;

    c. Make financial reports to the Executive Committee at their meetings and present an annual financial report to the Executive Board at the Annual Business meeting;

    d. Prepare an annual budget for the calendar year beginning the following January 1.  This budget will be approved by the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting;

    e. Assist the Vice-President with the Coordination of the election of board members, including the preparation of an electronic ballot;

    f. Coordinate presentation and tracking of service awards to the CVOA members;

    g. Ensure adequate supplies of red/yellow cards, flipping coins, envelopes, and letterhead stationary are on hand;

    h. Utilize the services of additional help as needed to meet the responsibilities of the office;

    i. Order, maintain and distribute Service pins, State awards and any special award as determined by the Executive Committee.

2)     The Vice-President shall:

    a. Direct the posting of news and updates on the CVOA website;

    b. Review, update, and interpret the CVOA Constitution and Bylaws

    c. Coordinate the election of board members, including the preparation of an electronic ballot;

    d. Coordinate new officials recruiting efforts;

    e. Collect Hall of Fame nominations and submit all nominees to the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting

    f. Act in the capacity of the President in the absence of the President:

4)     The Training and Development Director shall:

    a. Organize and oversee Regional Rules Clinics in coordination with the Executive Committee and will be responsible to:

            i. Recruit, train and supervise clinicians;

            ii. Plan and organize materials to present at the Annual Business Meeting;

            iii. Coordinate with the Executive Committee to determine and publicize dates and locations of Regional Clinics;

    b. Submit an annual report to the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting

    c. Recruit the services of additional help as needed to meet responsibilities of the office;

    d. Provide and coordinate the distribution of educational materials to the Executive Board and the membership;

5)     The President-Elect shall:

    a. Work with other Executive Committee members as determined by the President

    b. Assist the President as requested.