Director of Training and Development's Corner

Director of Training and Development

Rob Livingston

(303) 884-6898

Duties of the Training and Development Director

Organize and oversee Regional Rules Clinics in coordination with the Executive Committee and will be responsible to

   Recruit, train and supervise clinicians

Plan and organize materials to present at the Annual Business Meeting

Coordinate with the Executive Committee to determine and publicize dates and locations of Regional Clinics

Submit an annual report to the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting

Recruit the services of additional help as needed to meet responsibilities of the office

Provide and coordinate the distribution of educational materials to the Executive Board and the membership

As we move into the 2020-2021 seasons, I am excited to take on my new duties as Director of Training. 

Volleyball in Colorado is growing rapidly both in the girls ranks and also as boys’ volleyball will be recognized by CHSAA beginning in Spring, 2021.  We must be willing to serve our constituency (players, coaches, fellow officials) by improving our proficiency through training.  Being willing to examine ourselves, opening ourselves to new techniques and expanded knowledge is not only recommended but required to keep up with the growth of the game. 

I intend to make more training available throughout the year, keep our members engaged and to stimulate discussion.  More video training will be offered and available to all.  It will be the responsibility of the entire membership to engage with the information presented and to do their best to adopt the best practices of officiating the sport of volleyball. 

We are here to serve the teams.  I am here to serve and support you, the officials.

Have a great year!

Rob Livingston
CVOA Director of Training