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Case Book Situations

April 2021


Manufacturers Logo on Uniform Bottom

As a reminder per Rule 4-2-1f,  the manufacturer logo, trademark or reference that is sometimes displayed in large type all around the waistband is illegal. 

This is only enforced at the varsity level (as shown in the example to the right).

The rule clearly states that a single partial/whole manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference, no more than 2 ¼ square inches with no dimension more than 2 ¼ inches, is permitted on each piece of the uniform provided placement does not interfere with the visibility of the player’s number.


Non-Compliant Uniform BottomNon-Compliant Uniform Bottom

"Sparkly" Face Masks 

Sparkly face masks are not considered jewelry. 

Please rule on the “sparkly” face masks as you would for headbands with sparkles or other such material.  If they start to fall off, need to be cleaned up or cause the match to be delayed, then rule as unnecessary delay and have them replaced. Otherwise let them play with them.




September 18, 2019

Daith (Migraine) Piercings.


The CHSAA has ruled these as legal as long as the participant can provide a letter from CHSAA.


If the school/team cannot provide a CHSAA letter concerning allowing a player to participate, then they are ruled as jewelry and illegal. The participant/player may not compete until a CHSAA letter is provided to the officials' for the contest that evening.

Compliant Sparkly MaskCompliant Sparkly Mask

Daith (Migraine) Piercings.
We have received a few inquiries surrounding the use of “Daith Piercings.”  The piercing is shown in a picture above.  The statement received from the National Federation of State High School Associations is as follows:
The NFHS has judged these devices to be jewelry.  They should not be worn if the sport indicates that jewelry is not allowed. 
The Sports Medicine Advisory Council considered the issue and cannot verify the premise behind the migraines.  It is not safe and should not be worn during activity.

May 7, 2019


The personalized metal charms to the right are illegal based on the following:


Case book 4.1.5 Situation B: During warm-ups, a referee notices a player wearing (b) metal charms on shoelaces


Ruling (b) Illegal: Metal charms are considered jewelry and must be removed before a player can enter a match.

Personalized shoe charmsPersonalized shoe charms

Personalized Charms on shoesPersonalized Charms on shoes

Case Book Situations of the Month
(August 2020)



The libero for team S is discovered to be wearing jewelry in the first set and is issued an unnecessary delay (yellow card). In the fourth set, team S libero is attempting to replace a back-row player after a rally team S won. The libero goes onto the court to replace S5. However, S5 stops to tell the libero that she is rotating to the front row and cannot be replaced at this time. The libero now realizes she can't replace S5 and retreats back to the team S bench. The first referee issues another unnecessary delay (yellow card) to team S.

Correct procedure. Administrative cards (yellow or red) do not carry over from set to set. The first referee may issue another administrative yellow card in this situation (9-9-1).




The first referee whistles and signals for the pre-match conference.  The coach for team S does not present a roster to the second referee.  The referee's remind the coach from team S that rosters are due at the pre-match conference.  The coach from team S informs the second referee his roster is not available right now, but he will have it by the 11 minute mark in the timed warm-ups.  The officials assess a point/loss of rally with team S starting the match down 1-0. 
Incorrect procedure.  If the roster is not ready for submission during the pre-match conference, an unnecessary delay administrative yellow card is assessed to the coach (7-1-1, 7-1-1PENALTIES, 9-9-1a).


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