Regional Clinic Meetings

Please contact your Area Director
for questions and additional details.

List of Area Directors


CVOA members shall comply with the respective requirements for the desired type of membership, as outlined in this Constitution and By-Laws. All members who want to officiate during the high school volleyball season shall: 

Attend one (1) Regional Clinic 

2022-23 Regional Clinic

The Regional Clinic for the 2022-23 season is now live and available on RefPrep!

This remote learning platform will assist you in completing your Regional Clinic requirement for Certified Status and Post-Season eligibility. It offers the ultimate convenience, 24/7 availability and gives you a completion certificate to document your completion. It will give you the opportunity to complete your required clinic attendance should the in-person meeting your Area Directors have set up do not fit your schedule.
Of course, we recommend the in-person clinic for it's ability to interact with your officiating team.  Contact your Area Director for more information.

To access RefPrep, use this link ONLY:

If you go to RefPrep on your own, you won't find the clinic.  ONLY use this link!  You will then either log onto your account or establish a new account.  If you have forgotten your log in credentials, go the the "Forgot Password" link.  Once logged on, click on the big "ENROLL NOW" button and you will be taken to the course.  

Don't skip around.  The course is meant to be taken in order, one module at a time.  After the module is viewed, answer the quiz questions.  You can then advance to the next module.

PRO TIP:  Sometimes the screen might advance a little too fast for you.  If you would like to pause or rewind, the controls are at the bottom of the screen.  You may have to scroll down a bit to see them. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your Area Director.  Also, the file attached shows you what the login page will look like.
Dropbox file: RefPreps1 .jpeg


Please note that there will no longer be any individual Zoom Regional Clinic presentations.