CVOA Sub-Committees



Section 1 - Committees

1)     Committee appointments shall be made by the President and approved by the Executive Committee when needed to assist the Executive Committee and/or the Executive Board in carrying out the purposes of the CVOA.  Any member or group of members may petition the President for the creation of a committee.  The Executive Committee will determine the length of each appointment.  All members of committees shall be CVOA members.  Committee reports shall be made to the Executive Board at the Annual Business Meeting.



To be considered for a CVOA sub-committee please click here and fill out the survey monkey application.

CVOA committees appointments are based on a region map of Colorado. Our goal is to appoint one member from each region that will communicate with region members by gathering information from that specific region as needed for the committee to perform their duties. And then communicating back to the CVOA areas with news from their specif committee.


The region map may be accessed at this link.