NFHS Shirt Adoption Committee

This committee is chaired by the CVOA Director of Training and Development.

 Committee Members

Region 1 - Rob Livingston (chair)

Region 2 - Deb County

Region 3 - Ava Bair

Region 4 - Denise Close

Region 5 - Mindy Finley


*** CVOA Executive Board Approves Additional Uniform Polo Colors ***

Effective with the 2021-2022 Boys' season, two additional polo colors have been approved in accordance with NFHS Rule 5.3:
Cyan Blue and Light Gray (in addition to the current White).


1. The polo shirt shall display the CVOA logo on the left chest, either embroidered or by a removeable patch

2. The R1 and R2 shall agree on the color and style of shirts. If there is not an agreement, the default white shirt shall be worn

3. It is permitted to have the “Certified Volleyball Official” logo on the left sleeve and contrasting piping

It is strongly advised that all members reference the complete set of uniform polo requirements
in the
CVOA Membership Manual (Section III.c.i, pages 6 & 7)


  • Goals of the NFHS Shirt Adoption Committee
    • Create wording for the CVOA Membership Manual to adopt the new shirt colors (Cyan, Grey) 
      • Some guidelines for the wording should include but not limited to the following: 
        • Embroidered patch or removable patch using a magnet 
        • With or without trim color options 
        • Incorporate USAV/NCAA current shirts as well as a new high school only shirt (this is where we can differ on the trim, same as player uniforms) 
    • Research multiple vendor options and reach out to those vendors seeing their interest in approval on our approved vendor list 
      • Keep expense under $50 to purchase new optional shirts. This is where we need multiple vendor options. High school only officials should never be forced to purchase USAV/NCAA shirts just to participate in this new shirt adoption. We are a high school organization, and we need to keep that focus. 
    • Other guidelines will be discussed once the committee is formed such as but not limited to: 
      • R1 & R2 must match 
      • Line judges must match but not necessarily matching the R1 & R2 
      • Members are not required to purchase the new colors of Cyan or Grey 
      • All members must have a white shirt as the base default for all games 
      • Only white shirts will be used during post season 

The recommendation of the Shirt Adoption Committee was approved
by the Executive Board on January 3, 2022.