Referee Ranking and Assessment

This committee is chaired by Julie Meining and reports to the CVOA President.


Committee Members

Julie Meining

Mindy Finley

Marty Larson

ivy Lui

Sue Paustian

(Ric) Duane Richert 


Overview of what the committee did in 2018: Created an evaluation form for CVOA to test over the next few years. The form may be accessed by clicking on this evaluation form link.


They will assist area directors and assignors by providing recommendations on how to rank and assess their local officials as it relates to assigning officials to contests.


Any acceptance by an assignor on recommendations is completely voluntary. CVOA has no authority over assigning practices, ranking or assessment procedures. But in the interest to better serve the CVOA membership, the committee will recommend procedures to better assist assignors in their duties.


This committee is not currently taking applications.