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April 2022

Welcome Spring!

Boys volleyball season is upon us along with a busy club volleyball season.  

There is an update to the CVOA Uniform Policy in Section 3 of the CVOA Membership Manual.  Find it at  New uniform shirt options are available to us. 

More information will be presented at the annual Regional Clinic.


November 2021

Well, the 2021 Fall season is over and we all are settling in for a well-deserved break. 

Congratulations to those who worked post-season. 

Some things to think about over the winter:

Recruiting new and retaining current officials is vital!  
Were you busier than you would like to be?  We are at a near all-time low in the number of officials and yet participation in the sport of volleyball keeps growing. It is ALL of our responsibilities to identify and recruit officials who would be a good fit for our sport.

The Boy's Volleyball Season will be starting in February 
If you are interested in officiating the boy's season, contact your Area Directors.  Since this a second season during the school year, there will be a dues sur-charge required.  Information on this will be coming soon.

Club season is starting soon, both with USAV & AAU: 
If you are interested in working over the winter and improving your skills, contact:

Jim Henthorn, Rocky Mountain Region referee chair, 
Glo Bailey, AAU and TCS volleyball head referee,
Working club will definitely make you a better referee!

Happy Holidays!


April 2021

Please be sure to visit the new
Video Plays of the Week! 

Recognizing and calling overlaps is a skill many of us need to improve.  Whether we use a line-up card or not, we need to be more diligent in recognizing positional faults and calling them when appropriate.


February 2021

Our lesson for February is one of the most difficult aspects of officiating volleyball: Identifying Rotations and Alignment Issues. Our friend, Gary Frieders of North Bay Volleyball Officials, has produced an excellent video for beginning and intermediate level officials to help sharpen our skills in this area.


January 2021

Hello All!
Here is a quiz courtesy of, a good resource for all things officiating.
Volleyball Quiz



October 2020

Hi Folks!
Many of you gave feedback from the Regional Clinic ball handling module that you wanted examples of what we DO need to call.  Here you go, courtesy of Gary Frieders of North Bay (CA) Volleyball officials.


September 2020

Hello all!
Let's all keep positive this fall, stay engaged and seek out opportunities to work if we can!

This month's video illustrates keeping on top of tight net play, letting it play out before making a decision.


June 2020

 Happy Summer Everyone!

For this months clip, we have a bang-bang play that the R1 must recognize and confidently own.

May 2020

NFHS is currently offering free video classes for members, of which you are one.  Go to and establish an account.  The two classes currently being offered are Ball Handling and Alignments.

This month's video clip illustrates the Libero setting with overhand finger action while in the front zone.


 April 2020

 Here are some thoughts about judging ball-handling.  Remember, everyone's an expert but your opinion is the only one that matters.  Don't be influenced by player/coach/spectator reaction or expectations.  Find your level and be consistent!

Thoughts from Corny's Corner


March 2020

The boy’s game is a different animal from the girls.  It has higher levels of speed, power and athleticism.  In order to effectively officiate this game, your eye speed and court awareness must be elevated.  Knowledge of rotations and back row awareness, without getting bogged down in a line up card, is a must. 

I have attached a video as an example.


February 2020


‚ÄčIn this sequence, I illustrate a common error for all levels of referee.  I’m just picking on the rookie (sorry Patty).  Missing net faults is caused by a lack of concentration on the R2s primary duty during play; net and center line faults.

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