Area 13 - Colorado Springs 

Area Directors

Betsy Davison

(719) 287-8684

Jeff Ingram

(719) 351-8054

Elaine Wright

(719) 964-4294

Our area officiates the following:

All of the Colorado Springs metro area, East to Simla, North to Monument and West to Woodland Park.


Betsy Davison

(719) 287-8684


How to get paid as an official:

Most schools pay through ArbiterPay (sign up on Arbiter Sports through the payments tab), or they pay directly at the site with a check, cash or mail payment.


Login to to create your ArbiterPay account and link it to your Arbiter assigning account for schools that pay directly through the assigning system.

Training Dates 2018


Stay tuned!!

Local Area News

Congratulations to the following officials on being selected to work the 2017 CHSAA State Volleyball tournament on November 10 & 11, 2017.


 Kristi Cox

Betsy Davison

Nancy Holm

Jeff Ingram

Sally Wiggins

Brenda Wolfe

Shawn Yasutake