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Regional Clinic 2024

The annual Regional Clinic will be held on Saturday, Aug 3, at Northfield High School, Denver, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, with in-person testing between 1:00 and 2:00 PM—more details to follow. Please refer to our area’s calendar (below) for all events.

If you encounter an unusual situation in your match (short of a red conduct card or serious disruption; see the CVOA home page for reporting those), such as facility problems, bad coach behavior, or anything you’d like to let the Area Directors know about, please fill out this form. (You’ll be given the opportunity to send yourself a copy.)

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Recent emails

The following emails were sent to all (and to only) Area 1 officials. Click on a subject line to view the full email. Recent CVOA(state)-wide emails are on the President’s page.

  • 2024-Mar-27 - Reminder - for your safety, check the referee stand before using it
    Hello Area 1 CVOA officials,

    Just a reminder to always check the referee stand before using it. I took some pictures of a common type of referee stand to explain the problem:

    The first two photos show the stand being set up correctly. The second two show the stand set up incorrectly, with the weight of the referee supported only by the pin, which is very unsafe. If it’s set up incorrectly, it’s easy to fix — pull the pin out, move the legs in slightly (toward the net post) so the platform is over the ladder crossbar and resting on it, then reinsert the pin, so it’s as seen in the first two pictures. I suggest mentioning this to the coach or other responsible adult so they set the stand up correctly in the future.

    Some referee stands have a different design with no pin, but most stands are of the kind shown in the picture.

    I’ll resend this reminder just before the girls’ season starts this Fall, apologies in advance for the duplication.

    Larry (area director)

  • 2024-Feb-21 - Ted Schulz - funeral - Tuesday February 27, 2024

    Thank you Don Pemberton for providing this information. 

    Service for Ted Schulz will be on Tuesday, February 27 at 11 AM, with a lunch to follow for anyone who would like to stay. 
    Zion Lutheran Church
    2600 S. Wadsworth Blvd
    Denver, CO 80227

  • 2024-Jan-6 - Boy's volleyball draw update

    Thank you for making yourself available for the boy’s 2023-24 season volleyball draw.

    Unfortunately, we are still struggling to get accurate schedules from schools.

    It looks like same as last year, we will have our initial draw for games on February 19, 2024, just over a week from the start of the season, Thursday, February 29, 2024.

    We will only do the first two weeks, as we attempt to get finalized schedules for the season.

    We will have limited games in the first two weeks, as many teams are looking for tournaments and or non-conference games to fill their schedules. As well as many schools are trying to finish out the basketball season with gym space scheduling.

    Please have your availability calendar as accurate as possible, so that once we can proceed, we can get everyone their fair share of games.

    Thank you for your patience.


    Bruce Bird

  • 2024-Jan-24 - Boys volleyball assigning update

    If you are receiving this email, it means we show you as having paid your boys’ VB dues for the 2023-24 season and made yourself available to be assigned games.

    At this time, only 5% of the school’s schedules are collected and in the system. We do not have a time frame on when we will start assigning.

    However, please update your calendar for the date range of February 29 – May 15, 2024. That way once we do start assigning your calendar is accurate.

    We have 68 paid officials with about 40 schools participating. In other words, as always, we will have more officials than we have games available on many of the days.

    We will need around 40-46 officials most days. Please do not expect to receive a heavy schedule as one would during the girl’s season.


    Bruce Bird

  • 2024-Jan-22 - Clarification to be assigned boys volleyball games
    Area 1,

    It has come to my attention there is some confusion on the requirements to be considered for boys’ volleyball games.

    If you worked the girls’ season, you already qualify for boys’ games with one exception. You must now pay the $25 boys’ volleyball due.

    You do not need to attend more study sessions; you do not need to attend any mechanics training.

    We do encourage members to attend training when they have time, but it is not required to be considered for boys’ volleyball games.

    Remember CVOA is not in the assigning business and has no jurisdiction over how games are assigned.

    CVOA’s responsibility is to provide training opportunities for its members to continue to grow as a referee.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


    Bruce Bird
    CVOA President

  • 2024-Jan-8 - CANCELLATION tonight's study session
    Hi all,
    Unfortunately, Koelble had to cancel our reservation for this evening. I will work on getting the next session scheduled. Most likely sometime in February or March but we will get scheduled for those who need to attend.

    Here’s a reminder of the upcoming study sessions:

    Sun January 28, Jitsi Video

    Mon February 5, 6-8PM
    Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, 6995 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020

    Sun February 11, Jitsi Video

    Thank you

  • 2024-Jan-1 - Mechanics and Study Sessions Schedule
    Hello all and Happy New Year

    Below are the schedules for the upcoming Mechanics and Study Sessions. Please respond if you haven’t already, as either a mentor or an attendee. Remember before the end of boys season you must have 2 study sessions, if you did your 2 during girls you are good to go. It is mandatory to also attend a mechanics session, again if you attended one during girls season you are also good to go. We have tracked this so if you are unsure let us know.

    If you do not attend 2 study sessions and the mechanics session you will become a provisional official, meaning you will have to take the test closed book and your schedule of higher-level matches may decrease.

    Mechanics Sessions:

    Thursday January 11 6:45-8:15 at 303 Volleyball Academy
    82 Inverness Drive East
    Englewood, CO 80012

    Wednesday January 17 5:30-7:00 at 303 Volleyball Academy
    82 Inverness Drive East
    Englewood, CO 80012

    Monday January 22, 8-10PM at Elevation
    12987 E Adam Aircraft Circle
    Englewood, CO 80112

    Study Sessions 

    Mon January 8, Koebel Library
    1-3 PM (UPDATE: 6-8 PM)
    5955 S Holly St
    Centennial, CO 80121

    Sun January 28, Jitsi Video 

    Mon February 5, 
    Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, 6995 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020

    Sun February 11, Jitsi Video

    If you have any questions please reach out to one of your area directors for assistance.

    Thank you
    Shannon, Tammy, Tony, and Larry

  • 2023-Dec-22 - Update on Mandatory Mechanics Session
    Happy Holidays All!

    The earlier emails were just getting dates out so folks could put them on their calendars. 
    Here’s the explanation:

    Per our bylaws, everyone is required to attend two study sessions and a mechanics session during a season. So if you attended any of the scrimmages before girls season and received feedback from a veteran, that counts as a mechanics session. Several officials were unable to attend those scrimmages and this is why we are offering the 3 scrimmages in January. We will have Veteran officials there to give you feedback. We also are aware that this is in the middle of basketball season. We also are aware that mechanics sessions are mandatory for basketball, so you should understand why it is mandatory for volleyball.

    Here are the 3 dates:
    Thursday, January 11, 6:45-8:15 at 303 Volleyball Academy
    82 Inverness Drive East
    Englewood, CO 80012

    Wednesday, January 17, 5:30-7:00 at 303 Volleyball Academy
    82 Inverness Drive East
    Englewood, CO 80012

    Monday, January 22, 8-10 PM at Elevation
    12987 E Adam Aircraft Circle
    Englewood, CO 80112

    Dress is casual, but bring your whistle, line-up card, red and yellow cards, and your flipping coin.

    Please respond to the days you wish to attend and the times. We want you to receive both evaluations as a R1 and a R2.

    If you are a Veteran of more than 10 years please respond with your interest and the days and times you are available. 

    We will also be holding 2-3 study sessions for those still in need. There should not be one official from this season who should not have their 2 study sessions. We offered 5 before and during girls season and will be offering 2-3 during boys. If you are unable to attend 2 study sessions and the mechanics session this will place you back to provisional status and not certified. Your assignments will decrease and you will be required to take the test closed book and pass.

    If you have any questions please respond to this email or call one of your area directors.

    Thank you and again Enjoy the Holiday Season!!

  • 2023-Dec-14 - Boys VB Mechanics Sessions
    Great news we have been able to add two additional opportunities and we are waiting to hear back from another source.

    The two additional will be held at 303 Volleyball Club

    Jan 11th for 17s from 6:45-8:15 (one visiting team that’s doing 45 minutes back to back with 2 of my teams)
    Jan 17th for 15s from 5:30-7:00 (same here)

    We know having these take place in the evening on a week night is not everyone’s cup of tea, but these are the only opportunities that have given themselves to us so far. We are aware it is basketball season and several officials participate in both sports. We are also aware that if you are involved in another sport they too have mandatory mechanics sessions. You will not have to attend the full session but get you will need to receive feedback from a Mentor official.

    Thank you
    Your Area Directors

  • 2023-Dec-13 - Boys Volleyball Season
    Hello all and happy holidays,
    We hope this email finds you ready for this joyful season.

    You should have received an email today telling you how to go about signing up for boys VB season starting next Feb.

    A change that we are instituting and will be doing the same for the girls season next year, is a mechanics training session will be a mandatory requirement to officiate. On January 22, 8-10 PM at Elevation Volleyball Club we will be holding this session. To officiate boys season you must either attend as a Mentor or a mentee. It has always been a requirement to have a mechanics session for every volleyball official every year. It is time, now that COVID has passed, that we start instituting these aspects again. Recommendations from these trainings will be provided to the local area assignors.

    We are sending this out with plenty of time for you to clear your schedule and get this on your calendar. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of your area directors. One of our biggest complaints from coaches and ADs is that officiating is not standard across the line throughout the volleyball season. We all should be using the same mechanics for every call. You should also take pride in your mechanics and how you handle your assignments as R1 and R2. 

    Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing those of you who sign up for boys season on January 22. There will also be 2 additional study sessions in Jan and Feb. Look for those dates to come soon.

    Thank you and be well
    You Area 1 Directors

  • 2023-Oct-2 - October news
    Hello all,
    October is cancer awareness month. We will be using pink whistles this month in honor of this. 
    1) If a team wants to use a solid pink ball, this is allowed for the first rally only. They are to use a legal volleyball after the first rally.
    2) Pink flags are allowed instead of red for October
    3) If teams use pink uniforms they must still meet legal requirements.
    4) Please remember to ask coaches if they will be using an intermission (between sets 2 and 3, maximum 5 minutes) in the coaches captains meeting. With homecoming and cancer awareness month this may happen. 
    5) Mid-season test deadline is October 5th, 2023. In Arbiter it will show it is open through April, this is because of boys season. For the girls season post season eligibility, the deadline is October 5th. 
    6) Please remember no paint or glitter is allowed on the face. Pimple patches are medical and LEGAL.
     Tammy, Shannon, Larry, Tony

  • 2023-Aug-28 - *** Do The Little Things ***
    Do The Little Things to make your officiating experience error-free. Bad experiences can be avoided when the scheduled officials do the little things.

    Did you communicate with the home school so you can confirm game details and build rapport?
    Did you communicate with the home school to avoid traveling to a game that has been changed or canceled?
    Did you communicate with your partners so you can confirm transportation and pregame responsibilities?
    Did you communicate with your partners so they show up and you do not have to work alone or with a shortened crew?
    Did you get directions so you show up at the right place at the right time?
    Did you arrive at your assignment early so you can perform all your pregame duties?


    Gerald Letofsky | President | Aurora Sports Officials, Inc.
    Office: (303) 368-8005 | Cell: (720) 300-8737
    Email: [email protected]

  • 2023-Aug-17 - Draw update- September 2023 published
    Area 1,

    Thank you for your patience with the draw process this year. We had numerous factors that greatly delayed me getting out your September 2023 assignments in a timely manner this year.

    Yesterday, I published all games Monday – Friday for the month of September.

    Next week I will begin to work on Saturday tournaments, turn back openings, and any new or changes from schools for September.

    Next step is to get out October assignments no later than September 4, Labor Day weekend.

    The number of games and level one received is based on numerous factors such as but not limited to:
        – Ranking
        – Availability
        – Travel flexibility
        – Start time flexibility

    Please accept all of your assignments within 72 hours. Thank you for your dedication and patience.

    The season starts today, have a great beginning.

    Bruce Bird

  • 2023-Aug-16 - Draw process and assigning delay
    Hello all,

    We have had over 40 new officials this season and difficulties due to the promotion in registering and getting people in the system. Please be patient, September and October assignments have not gone out as Bruce has had to wipe out what he had already done for multiple reasons. By this Friday (August 18th) hopefully, all the schools will be back in session and their changes will stop coming in which is also causing delays in the draw. I assure you assignments are on their way. There are few assignments out so please don’t panic, it’s not just you. Bruce is working very hard to get September completed by the week’s end. If you think there is an issue please reach out to an area director and let us help navigate this for you. There have been numerous emails, calls, and texts this morning regarding this, understandably. Please be patient and find some comfort in knowing we’re all in this together.  Assignments are coming hopefully by the week’s end for September.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

    Tammy, Tony, Larry, Shannon
    (Area 1 directors)

  • 2023-Aug-14 - Volleyball draw update - August 14, 2023
    Area 1,

    We have a slight delay in draw assignments for September.

    I had to wipe all assignments clean and start over due to numerous factors.

    My goal each year is that all paid and certified volleyball referees receive their fair share of games for the year.

    Some of the factors included but not limited to:
        – Schools are just now checking their schedules for accuracy and we have had numerous changes and updates
        – Officials late on registering and paying their dues
        – Officials late in updating availability calendars

    However, as of today I am locking in the list of eligible officials for the season and will start again the draw process for September. October will be worked on the first of September if not before.

    If you have not done so already for dates September 4 – October 31, 2023, please do so right away.
        – Update your availability calendar and profile by:
        – Login to Arbiter account 104524, “CHSAA – VB”
        – Go to Profile and make sure all contact information is accurate
        – Go to Profile>Sharing and make sure all check boxes are marked
        – Click on “Blocks” and update in full or part day blocks all dates you cannot work. With partial day blocks, please put in the time you leave from work/school/home. Do not put in the time you can arrive at the match.
        – Click on “Travel Limits” and put in the zip code of where you leave from with each corresponding day selected, distances on how far you will travel i.e. “20 miles”, then “save” to update travel limits
        – Click on “Teams” or “Sites” to block schools

    Thanks for your patience.

    Bruce Bird
    (970) 214-1798

  • 2023-Aug-2 - Phone number
    Hello all,

    This is a friendly reminder that you must have a phone number listed in Arbiter and we highly recommend that you also list an emergency contact. Please make sure you click “public” in your profile so that we can see it.

    A phone number is important in the case of a partner needing to contact you on the road the same day of your match. An email is NOT ideal in this situation. We ask that you update this as soon as possible.

    Area 1 Directors

  • 2023-Jul-27 - New assignment notifications - what does it mean?

    At times you will see an email or text from Arbiter that says, “You have a new assignment”, but when you log in to Arbiter there is nothing.

    Arbiter is not glitching.

    Here are the possible situations that happen when this occurs.

    Most common is the assignor is splitting a sophomore crew at a site into one official working the freshman game and one official working the sophomore game, then coming together to work the JV/V contests. Since the date, time and location did not change it does not require the official to reaccept the assignment.

    Second most common, the assignor is putting in a final tournament format, and moving the official from the placeholder to the actual tournament schedule. Again this does not require the official to accept, but review instead.

    The least common and rarely happens is when the assignor is moving an official from a C/D game set to a JV/V game set. The assignor should be notifying the official of this change, but again it will not require the official to reaccept.

    The way to see what was changed is when you look at your schedule to look at the field that says “Status/Accept/Decline” and match the date of the new assignment notification to the date listed next to an assignment. In other words, if the notification says “Accepted on 8/14/2019” and that corresponds to the date of the notification, you will know that was the assignment that had details changed for you to review.

    Hopefully, this helps clarify those notifications.

    Thank you to everyone that accepts their assignments by the “accept to date”. It goes a long way with the schools and assignors when they can see all “accepted” games in a timely manner.

    Now that we are in the season, assignors suggest logging into Arbiter once per day to see if there are any changes or new assignments to review or accept.

    Bruce Bird

  • 2023-Jul-25 - Volleyball game decline procedures
    Area 1,

    I hope all finds everyone well.

    Thank you to each of you who made yourself available for our high school season.

    We have published the first 2.5 weeks. Please accept your games within 48 hours. Please review the decline procedures for this season.

    Do not lose a date you can work by not following these procedures as assignments are posted. Before you decline a date, please ask yourself one of two questions:

    YES “decline” if this a date I cannot work at all?
    NO “do not decline”, because this a date I can work but due to travel or other restrictions cannot make the venue assignment given to me. – Instead, contact me to be moved to a different location.

    When an official declines a date they become unavailable for all future games on that date.

    Thank you for your dedication

    Bruce Bird
    (970) 214-1798
    [email protected]

  • 2023-Jul-25 - Volleyball tournament assignment should I accept or not?
    When we put an initial tournament assignment, you will see it posted one of two ways.

    #1 Placeholder with no specific details on when an official will be scheduled to work

    Note: on placeholders if you accept, you must be available to work sometime between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. Please do not assume the only hours you need to be available will be from 8 am – 12 pm. We use a 3-person rotation per court in most tournaments. In other words, work 2 games then sit 1 game, and so forth all day same as USAV does in their tournament format. The actual game format usually posts one week prior to a tournament. All game fees will be posted the week the final schedule is received from the hosting school. Otherwise, we do not have any extra details to share at the initial posting of the tournament assignment.

    #2 Actual schedule format

    Note: This is the actual confirmed game schedule from the school; you can see what times you will work with court assignment, partner, and level of competition.

    Thank you for accepting your tournament assignments in a timely manner.

    Bruce Bird

  • 2023-Jul-5 - Volleyball assigning/draw preparation

    It is that time of year; we are getting ready to begin the 2023-24 volleyball assigning process/draw.

    I will start by assigning all games between August 17 – September 3, 2023, including the Chaparral Showcase on September 1 & 2, 2023 (formerly known as the Gold Crown Tournament).

    If you do not plan on working this year, please do the following:

        – Block your calendar in Arbiter account 104524 from August 1 – November 15, 2023
        – Notify your area director by email and copy me on the correspondence on your decision to sit out for the fall season.

    What you need to do right away to be in the draw:
        – Make sure your volleyball dues are paid
        – Update your availability calendar and profile by:
        – Login to Arbiter account 104524, “CHSAA – VB”
        – Go to Profile and make sure all contact information is accurate
        – Go to Profile>Sharing and make sure all checkboxes are marked
        – Click on “Blocks” and update in full or part-day blocks all dates you cannot work. With partial day blocks, please put in the time you leave from work/school/home. Do not put in the time you can arrive at the match.
        – Click on “Travel Limits” and put in the zip code of where you leave from with each corresponding day selected, distances on how far you will travel i.e. “20 miles”, then “save” to update travel limits
        – Click on “Teams” or “Sites” to block schools

    If you have any questions, please contact an area director and or myself.

    Bruce Bird
    (970) 214-1798
    [email protected]

  • 2023-Jun-24 - CVOA Area 1 Runoff Election Results
    Area 1 Members:

    The results of the runoff election for Area Director have been tallied. Please join me in congratulating Tony Lim, who has been elected to serve a two-year term (2023-2025) as Area 1 Director.

    Also, as previously announced, please also join me in once again congratulating Shannon Minear, who was re-elected to serve another two-year term (2023-2025) as Area 1 Director.


    Tom Olnowich
    Vice President, CVOA