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Most recent first. Click on a date and title to expand. These are the weekly emails Rob sends to all CVOA members. (All the videos below are also available on Rob’s YouTube channel linked above, but these emails include helpful discussion.)

  • 2024-Mar-29 - Caught / thrown ball
    This is a  reminder for all officials working boys volleyball this spring.

    It’s come to our attention that a particular illegal attack play has been noticed and not being called in boys’ matches.  This is a variation of the “power tip” but the ball is being caught and thrown.  Some coaches and players have the mistaken belief that some “throwing” is legal.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.  Some participants have complained that this play has not been called on them all season.  

    The NFHS Rules Book specifically states that “the ball can not be caught, thrown or visibly come to rest in contact with the body”.  Some boys are being seen catching and then “slam dunking” the ball. This MUST be called as an illegal hit.  We must be more aware of every aspect of  every contact, especially the 3rd contact.  I know that it is tempting to  try to get ahead of the play and leave the 3rd contact early but we must be patient and let the play complete before our eyes leave for the next.  

    Some hints to help you catch this play:
        The ball  must not come to a stop in the hand before release
        The ball must not be thrown with force.
        The hand must be moving forward before contact with the ball.
        You must make a judgment as to the length of time the ball is in contact with the hand.

    I’m sorry that I don’t have any video examples yet of this play but as I go through my rough video, I will share when I do

    Rob Livingston
    CVOA Director of Training.

  • 2024-Mar-27 - Reminder - for your safety, check the referee stand before using it
    Hello Area 1 CVOA officials,

    Just a reminder to always check the referee stand before using it. I took some pictures of a common type of referee stand to explain the problem:

    The first two photos show the stand being set up correctly. The second two show the stand set up incorrectly, with the weight of the referee supported only by the pin, which is very unsafe. If it’s set up incorrectly, it’s easy to fix — pull the pin out, move the legs in slightly (toward the net post) so the platform is over the ladder crossbar and resting on it, then reinsert the pin, so it’s as seen in the first two pictures. I suggest mentioning this to the coach or other responsible adult so they set the stand up correctly in the future.

    Some referee stands have a different design with no pin, but most stands are of the kind shown in the picture.

    I’ll resend this reminder just before the girls’ season starts this Fall, apologies in advance for the duplication.

    Larry (area director)

  • 2023-Oct-22 - One-handed Sets Continued
    Here’s an updated topic on 1 handed sets.  As long as they are not caught or thrown, they are another tool in the setter’s toolbox and perfectly legal.

    Corny’s Corner on Ball Handling.  I know some of you have questions on this topic and could stand to give this a good read:
    Dropbox file: ABCs Of Ball Handling Judgment.pdf

  • 2023-Oct-11 - You don't see these all the time!
    Here are some Plays of Interest that you don’t see all the time!

    Corny’s Corner
    Dropbox file: Earning Respect.pdf

  • 2023-Sep-23 - Close plays - rule quickly and with confidence
    These videos show close plays that need to be ruled on quickly and with confidence.  You Make the Call!

    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Bench Control.pdf

  • 2023-Sep-13 - R2 Duties
    Here’s a favorite: The R2 Primer

    Corny’s Corner:​
    Dropbox file: Best Practices For The Second Referee.pdf

  • 2023-Sep-5 - Prolonged or Extended Contact
    Welcome to the 2023-24 season! For those unfamiliar, I send out training videos and notes on a weekly basis during the season(s). Here is a topic that gets discussed a lot, Prolonged or Extended Contact. This video shows several possibilities that give food for discussion.

    Here is an article by the Sage of Chesapeake Bay, Corny Galdones: Dropbox file: Tricks Of The Trade.pdf

  • 2022-Oct-25 - Close Net Play
    Close net play depends on the R1 focusing on the vertical net plane.  The R2 must also focus on possible net faults (previously covered).  This video shows how difficult it can be.

    Corny’s Corner: Dropbox file: Professionalism Is Paramount.pdf

  • 2022-Oct-3 - One-Handed Sets
    Some people have asked me about how to judge one-handed sets.  I have told them that as long as there is no catch-and-throw or extended contact (the ball coming visibly to rest), we’re all good.  An item to think about is whether there is over-control resulting in a throwing action. Another thing to think about is that it is nearly impossible to have a double contact when the ball is played with one hand.  A spinning ball does not equate to illegal.  Stick with the rule language in your thinking, and you’re gold!

    Corny has some sage advice! Dropbox file: Common Sense.pdf

  • 2022-Sep-28 - Screening
    Ok, here is the long-awaited video showing screening by the serving team.  Note that the action is subtle but intentional and effective.  I don’t expect all of you to suddenly start calling screening but it’s something we need to be aware of.  If the screen is passive (standing in a group in front of the server), a warning is appropriate.  Remember there are several conditions that need to be met to qualify as a screen:
    1 Two or more players standing close together
    2  The ball is served at a fast, low trajectory directly over those players
    A serving team player actively moves to obstruct the view of a receiving team player.

    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Common Sense.pdf

  • 2022-Sep-10 - Don't Succumb to the Spin
    Hi folks!

    This week’s video, titled “Don’t Succumb to the Spin”, shows the importance of focusing on the point of contact when judging ball-handling. In this case, the hands of the setter.  While the ball spins upon release, when we slow it down, you can see that the ball was handled cleanly, with no discernable double contact.  Of course, we may have to endure the moans and groans of the fans, coaches, or players, but if our focus is where it should be, we’ll be confident of what we see and call.

    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Practicing Good Mechanics.pdf

  • 2021-Nov-15 - Backrow Setters; Boys, USAV, AAU, TCS volleyball
    Well, the 2021 Fall season is over and we all are settling in for a well-deserved break.  Congratulations to those who worked post-season.  Some things to think about over the winter:

    Recruiting new and retaining current officials is vital!  Were you busier than you would like to be?  We are at a near all-time low in the number of officials and yet participation in the sport of volleyball keeps growing. It is ALL of our responsibilities to identify and recruit officials who would be a good fit for our sport.

    The Boy’s Volleyball Season will be starting in February  If you are interested in officiating the boy’s season, contact your Area Directors.  Since this is a second season during the school year, there will be a dues surcharge required.  Information on this will be coming soon.

    Club season is starting soon, both with USAV and AAU: If you are interested in working over the winter and improving your skills, contact Jim Henthorn, Rocky Mountain Region referee chair, [email protected] or Glo Bailey, AAU and TCS volleyball head referee, [email protected].  Working club will definitely make you a better referee!

    Back-row setters can be sneaky!  Watch this video featuring setters sending the ball over the net on the second hit.

  • 2021-Oct-26 - Libero Setting in the Front Zone
    As you know, Liberos are limited as to what actions they may take.  This one, setting using finger action while in the front zone, can be hard to detect but is no less illegal.

    Corny’s Corner:
    Don’t get discouraged, success is a poor teacher!
    Dropbox file: Failure Can Be A Blessing In Disguise.pdf

  • 2021-Oct-11 - R2
    We’re focusing on the R2 this week.  A good R2 can make the R1’s job SO much easier!​

    Corny’s Corner
    Dropbox file: Best Practices For The Second Referee.pdf

  • 2021-Oct-4 - Recruiting and Retaining Good Officials
    It is all of our responsibility to recruit and retain good officials.  On average, each of us needs to recruit 5 officials in order to maintain the cadre, let alone provide for growth in the sport.
    Say Yes to Officiating

    Corny’s Corner
    Dropbox file: Wanted – More Officials, Good Officials.pdf

  • 2021-Sep-20 - Player Injury
    Do you know what to do if an injury happens during a match?  Being prepared with the answers lessens the stress on everyone.

    Corny has suggestions about those pesky power tips!
    Dropbox file: Finger Tip Attack Hits.pdf

  • 2021-Sep-13 - Coach Delaying Tactics
    HI Guys!
    This week illustrates a finer point in volleyball officiating.  Be aware of the situation!

    Hopefully, this video can be an “Ah Ha” moment for some.  The R2 here graciously agreed to use this moment for her to help others.

    Corny always has good advice about common sense:
    Dropbox file: Common Sense.pdf

  • 2021-Aug-23 - Ball Handling
    Well, we’re back!  Sort of

    This week, we’ll see some ball handling, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

  • 2021-Aug-16 - Missed Net Faults
    Here’s an oldie that we can all re-visit:

    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Tricks Of The Trade.pdf

  • 2021-Apr-26 - Administering Subs
    A good R2 can make the difference between having a good match and a bad match.  Although the R1 sets the tone and has overall control of the match, the R2 works hard on the administrative details during a dead ball and protects the R1 by establishing a rapport with the coaches.

    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Best Practices For The Second Referee.pdf

  • 2021-Apr-19 - Overlaps
    As the girls’ spring season winds down, I want to leave you with some things to think about and work to improve over the summer.  I’m looking forward to the inaugural boys’ volleyball season and to a “normal” fall season.

    Recognizing and calling overlaps is a skill many of us need to improve.  Whether we use a line-up card or not, we need to be more diligent in recognizing positional faults and calling them when appropriate.

    Corny’s Corner:  ‘Nuff said!
    Dropbox file: Be Nothing Less Than A Great Referee.pdf

  • 2021-Apr-12 - Blocking - Legal or Illegal?
    Judging whether a block is legal or not involves both the vertical and horizontal planes of the net.  This can be tricky but learn from these videos.

    Corny’s Corner on Power Tips:
    Dropbox file: Finger Tip Attack Hits.pdf

  • 2021-Apr-5 - R2 Duties
    Hey All!

    Are you supporting your R1 by doing your job to the best of your ability?  It takes concentration and resisting temptation!

    Great referees care about their image.
    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Image Is Everything.pdf

  • 2021-Mar-29 - R2 moving Into the Pole
    Hi all!

    Sometimes, as R2s, we get caught in awkward positions because the players and the ball go in unpredictable directions.  Our job is to anticipate the possibilities and get in the best position to make a call.  This week’s video highlights how to do just that.

    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: ABCs Of Ball Handling Judgment.pdf

  • 2021-Mar-22 - Block/Hit #1 or 2 hits? Interference
    Hey gang

    More interesting and informative videos to tease the brain:

    Block/Hit #1 or 2 hits?

    Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Even The Lone Ranger Worked As A Team.pdf

  • 2021-Mar-15 - Illegal Attack
    From CVOA Training:

    Here is a good video example of an illegal attack.  You must be centered on the net to judge if the ball is still in the plane at the contact.

    Corny’s Corner:​
    Dropbox file: Tricks Of The Trade.pdf

  • Happy Summer Everyone!

    Although uncertainty still reigns, I can say with the confidence of a totally uninformed person that we will have a fall 2020 season! 🙂

    In all seriousness, we must continue to prepare for the season, however it looks.  It may just be two teams and the officials in an empty gym, we may be in masks and using electronic whistles. Or it may be business as usual in some areas with no social distancing.  BE FLEXIBLE.

    After several requests over the years, I would like to announce that the required Regional Clinic will soon be available online for credit.  Restrictions apply, more on that at a later date.

    A reminder to Area Directors, as new referee classes start, you may use the “Plays of the Week videos” to illustrate good techniques and interesting plays.  On YouTube, search “Rob Livingston Volleyball”.

    For this month’s clip, we have a bang-bang play that the R1 must recognize and confidently own.

    And another gem from Corny’s Corner:
    Dropbox file: Communication Spawns Perceptions.pdf

    Stay Safe!
    Rob Livingston
    CVOA Training Director

Some additional tips and tricks (from Larry)