Colorado Volleyball Officials Association, more commonly referred to by its tradename “CVOA”, is organized exclusively for educational purposes. The purpose of CVOA shall be to maintain the highest standard of volleyball officiating possible in Colorado; to encourage the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship; to strive to make available an adequate number of well-trained and capable officials; to cooperate with the organizations approved by CVOA and officially connected with the game of volleyball in furthering its interest and ideals; and to ensure timely communications on rule changes, practical application, and knowledge of the game to CVOA officials.

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CHSAA Reasonable Modification Procedures

February, 2024

Dear CHSAA Sports Official,

CHSAA is required to share the following information with you every six months.  Please contact the CHSAA Office if you have any questions or need further training or clarification on CHSAA’s “reasonable modification” and evaluation procedures for students with disabilities.

Please reference Article V of the CHSAA Bylaws, “Students With Disabilities” (pages 23-24), addressing reasonable modification requests and evaluations for students with disabilities.

Please also note the following information specific to “On-The-Spot” reasonable modification requests:

On-The-Spot Reasonable Modification Requests
If a student is unable to provide the required documentation (as outlined in bylaw 500) for a permitted reasonable modification at or during any CHSAA sponsored event, the student may request an “on-the-spot” reasonable modification from the head game official who is overseeing that event. The game official may grant such a modification if it is readily apparent, in the opinion of the official, that the modification is necessary to address the student’s disabling condition. In making this decision, the head game official is not and shall not be required to make a medical determination concerning the athlete’s safe participation. No game official shall be required to make any medical or safety determination that he/she/they is not qualified to make by reason of his/her/their training or education. In making this determination, the head game official may consult with a licensed athletic trainer or medical professional if one is present at the site of the competition. The decision of the head game official shall be final for purposes of the specific competition only.

If a game official denies an on-the-spot reasonable modification, the official shall inform the coach and student that they can seek a reasonable modification from CHSAA through Article 5 of the
CHSAA Bylaws. Denial of an on-the-spot reasonable modification request shall not be grounds to deny a subsequent reasonable modification request made to CHSAA under Article 5.

Thank you for your time.


Michael Krueger, Ed.S., CMAA
Colorado High School Activities Association

If you issue a red conduct card, or in the event of a major match disruption, please fill out the online CHSAA match report form as soon as possible (the same day). This will generate an automated email with the details. Forward this email to your assignor, area director, and any member of the Executive Committee.

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Girls Volleyball Dates

  • First practice Aug 12, 2024
  • First scrimmage Aug 17, 2024
  • Season Aug 22 – Nov 2, 2024
  • Regional tournament Nov 8 & 9, 2024
  • State tournament Nov 14 – 16, 2024

Boys Volleyball Dates

  • First Practice Feb. 19, 2024
  • First Scrimmage Feb. 24, 2024
  • Season Feb. 29 – Apr. 30, 2024
  • Regional Tournament May 3 & 4, 2024
  • State Tournament May 9 – 11, 2024

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Match fees for 2023:

  • Varsity (2 officials): $75
  • Sub-varsity (1 or 2 officials): $45
  • Line Judge: $45
  • Varsity tournament
    • 2 of 3 sets: $55
    • 3 of 5 sets: $75
  • Sub-varsity tournament (unless otherwise posted beforehand)
    • 2 of 3 sets: $45

Mileage Compensation (Travel Fees) for 2023:

  • 1.  Any referee travelling less than 20 miles to their game will automatically receive a $10.00 travel stipend. This includes all parts of the state not just the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs area.
  • 2.  If one referee travels less than 20 miles (one way) and one travels more, the one under 20 miles will receive the $10.00, and the one travelling more will receive $.50 cents per mile round trip or $1 per mile one way.
  • 3.  If both referees are travelling more than 20 miles (one way) whoever is driving furthest will receive the mileage, regardless of who actually drives.  In almost all instances where both referees are travelling greater than 20 miles, carpooling is expected.   
  • 4.  In an instance where two referees travel more than 20 miles (one way) to a game, and it is impractical for them to travel together (for instance a referee from Sterling and a referee from Fort Collins meet to referee a game at Frederick) both referees will be paid the .50 cents per mile round trip stipend or $1 per mile one way.
  • 5.  It is at the discretion of the assignor, in consultation with the schools, when and if travel together is impractical.  Referees may always decide to travel separately, but the single mileage will be paid to one referee and they will need to figure out the split between themselves.  If there is ever any question, it is a good decision to contact your assignor BEFORE the game.