Area 3 - Sterling

Area Directors

Annie Shalla

(970) 580-7385

Our area officiates:

All Logan County high schools and assists with high schools in Sedgwick, Phillips, Washington,Yuma, Weld and Morgan Counties


Kara Weathers

(970) 630-5348

Bruce Bird

(970) 214-1798

Deb County

(970) 466-0060


Accept/Decline procedures

1)     Accept all games by the “accept to date”

2)      Any matches not accepted by the "accept to date" may be reassigned.

3)      Before you decline a date, please ask yourself one of two questions:

  1. Is this a date I cannot work at all? – then YES “decline”
  2. Is this a date I can work but due to travel or other restrictions cannot make the venue assignment given to me? – then NO “do not decline”. Instead contact the assignor for the game to be moved to a different location.

Assigning Statistics





Assigning Flowchart


Assigning Process


How to get paid as an official:

The schools will have you fill out paperwork (W9 and PERA) day of the game and either hand you a check and or mail the check within a few days,

Fort Morgan uses Arbiterpay.

Login to to create your ArbiterPay account and link it to your Arbiter assigning account for schools that pay directly through the assigning system.

Training Dates 2019

Regional Clinic

Date: August 1, 2019

Time: TBA

Venue: NJC (Northeastern Junior College) - 100 College Ave, Sterling, CO 80751

Details TBA


Test Date



New Officials' Study Sessions



All Officials' Study Sessions



Local Area News

As we begin to prepare for the 2019 volleyball draw, here are a few important date reminders.

1) Pay volleyball dues by May 1, 2019

2) Update an availability calendar by May 1, 2019 by logging into account 105006

3) Draw scenarios will be run between June 1 & August 1, 2019 and  then reviewed prior to publishing

4) Draw assignments will be published by August 8, 2019

5) Accept all published draw assignments by August 15, 2019 


Congratulations to the following officials on being selected to work the 2018 CHSAA State Volleyball tournament on November 8, 9, 10, 2018.

 Annie Shalla

Audrey Rosenbrock

Deb County

Kara Weathers