Post Season

The midseason test is now live and available Sunday, August 31, 2021, to all postseason eligible officials and it will close on Thursday October 7, 2021. Please login to Arbiter account 103372, select "Central Hub">"testing">"2020-21 CVOA mid-season test" to start.


Each official will be given three attempts to pass the test with an 80% or better. There are 20 questions meaning you may miss 4 questions. The 20 questions will be taken from a pool of 75 questions.


Congratulations to these four CVOA officials selected to work the State final match at the 2021-22 CHSAA State 
Boys' Volleyball Tournament

5A State Final

Nancy Holm

Larry Ruane

Patti Enright-Harris

Jim Vitro



Congratulations to these twenty CVOA officials selected to work a State final match at the 2021-22 CHSAA State
Girls' Volleyball Tournament


1A State Final

Terry Porter

Susan Watson

Jo Lyn Idler

George Barrows


2A State Final

Bill Ernest

David Shiplet

Aaron Punke

Bill Crabtree


3A State Final

Ray Lameiro

Sheila Stanley

Shannon Minear

Amy Sidener


4A State Final

Kristi Cox

Brenda Larsen

Denise Green

Greg Swiatowski


5A State Final

 Jim Marcelo

Fran McGee

Christy Atwood

Chris Atencio


Congratulations to the following fourteen (14) CVOA officials for being selected to work the 2021-22 CHSAA State Boys' Volleyball Tournament on May 5 - 7, 2022

 Whitney Bass - Mikey Chambers

Kathy Cox  - Rick Dubois

Patti Enright-Harris - Bill Ernst

Phil Hildenbrand - Nancy Holm

Jeff Ingram - Jim Marcelo

Don Pemberton - Larry Ruane

Kim Swetz - Jim Vitro

Congratulations to the following sixty (60) CVOA officials for being selected to work the 2021-22 CHSAA State Girls' Volleyball Tournament on November 11 - 13, 2021


Marilyn Anderson - Chris Atencio

Christy Atwood - Ava Bair

George Barrows - Whitney Bass

Janelle Borden - Sara Cantu

Steve Churik - Denise Close

Deb County - Kathy Cox

Kristi Cox - Bill Crabtree

Tammy Davis - Betsy Davison

Rick Dubois - Chuck Ellis

Bill Ernest - Maggie Eskew

Mindy Finley - Sammie Trotter-George

Denise Green - Justine Hancock

John Hause - Jim Henthorn

Corry Higbee - Phil Hildenbrand

Nancy Holm - Roger Hosea

Jeff Ingram - Daryl Lambert

Georgie Lameiro - Ray Lameiro

Brenda Larsen - Mike Luttman

Idler Jo Lyn - Jim Marcelo

Fran McGee - Bob Mimmak

Shannon Minear - Tim Newman

Deanna Pinder - Terry Porter

Aaron Punke - Jake Raynolds

Carrie Rehor - Audrey Rosenbrock

David Sauter - Annie Shalla

David Shiplet - Amy Sidener

Sheila Stanley - Jozy Stegman

Greg Swiatowski - Jim Vitro

Susan Watson - Kara Weathers

Jessica Weimer - Dave Whitney

A special Thank You to all the support staff, without them, the Girls' State Tournament would not be the success it is today!!

They take care of everything behind the scenes such as: sport court set up, table personnel, hospitality/referee break room, referee support and so forth. The list is long on what they do behind the scenes to make this a successful tournament each year.

If you want to be part of this great event, contact us next year on how you can be part of our support staff.

Court Liaisons & Runners

Tom Olnowich – Court Liaison & Court Runner Coordinator

Shannon Gerber – New Official’s Liaison

Kami Oliver – Observation Coordinator

Court Liaisons

Nici Akey - Mikey Chambers

Alicia Christ - Alma Grandpre

Monica Hinds - Debbie Knudsen

Kim Renquest - Yvette Wise

Court Runners

Ray Bianchi - Carla Hansell

Shelby Hawkins - Heidi Hitch-Young

 David Kufahl - Helen Liou

Ron Metcalfe - Nickey Roth

Laurie Steenrod


Scorer Table Personnel

Erika James - Scorer Table Coordinator

Nici Akey - Paul Arriaga

Ramon Arriaga - Whitney Bass

Kaylinda Bunnell - Jim Chapman

Freddy Chiriboga - Dennis Coates

Czar Czarniecki - Dennis Dempsey

Sara Doll - Geri Durbin

Al Eades - Patti Fisher

Lauren Frey - Trudy Fritzler

Lisa Griffin - Robert Griffin

Shelby Hawkins - Maria Herndon

Mark Hesse - Amber Hickman

Nate/Kate HIll - John Ho

Nancy Holm - Jean Kreutzer

Rick Kuper - Colette Martin

Jane May - Alejandra McGee

Bill Peer - Judy Peer

Larry Ruane - Stephanie Russian

Tracy Schroder - Kim Swetz

Becky Thompson - Rich Urbanowski

Bonnie Walin-Kuntz - Sally Wiggins



Betsy Davison - Coordinator

MISC Support Staff