Rules Interpreter's Corner

Ray Lameiro

(970) 690-2427

We encourage all participants in the sport of volleyball throughout the State of Colorado to submit their questions to the CVOA rules interpreter. If you are a coach, school, player, parent or official, we would love to hear from you.



Section 2 - Rules Interpreter

1)     The President shall appoint a member to serve as the Rules Interpreter for the association.  This appointment shall be approved by the Executive Committee.  The Rule Interpreter will submit an annual report of interpretations made to the CVOA President and the CHSAA Liaison and will not be required to pay dues during his or her term of service.

How to submit a rule proposal change?


CVOA Bylaw - 25

1)     A CVOA member wanting to submit to National Federation of High School (NFHS) Officials a rule change shall proceed as follows:    

            a)      Submit in writing to CVOA Executive Committee

                    i)      Rule Change

                   ii)     Rule Reference

                   iii)    Rule Rationale

            b)    CVOA Executive Committee and rules interpreter will:

                    i)      Review rule change

                   ii)     Speak with submitter

                  iii)    If approved, forward to CHSAA

            c)     CHSAA will:

                    i)      Review rule change proposal

                   ii)     If approved, submit to NFHS officials